Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Watch Off The Charts! These Terms and Conditions contained here on this site shall govern how you use our Site, as well as all the contents of the pages within Watch Off The Charts, accessible at https://watchoffthecharts.com, jointly referred to as “Site” from here and forward. These terms are applied entirely and will affect your usage of this Site. By continuing to use this Site, you agree to our Terms. If you disagree, please discontinue using this Site.

This Site is cannot be used by any minors (below 18 years-old). If you are a minor, please discontinue using this Site.

The terms “us” and “we” and “Watch Off The Charts” pertains to the owners and/or licensor of this Site. The term “you” pertains to the viewers and audience of this Site.

Intellectual Property and The Rights of the Company

Aside from the content you possess or own by rights, including but not limited to audio, video text, text, images, and other materials you leave on this Site, under the Terms of the document, Watch Off The Chart owns all the rights to intellectual property as well as the material placed in this Site, thus all rights will be reserved to Watchoffthecharts only.

You are given a limited access only, in accordance to the Terms, for the purpose of viewing any and all content placed in this Site.


The User is restricted from doing any of the actions mentioned below:

  • Publishing and reproducing any material contained in this Site in any and all media;
  • Sublicensing, selling, and/or commercializing material and any Site content;
  • Performing publicly and/or showcasing material from this Site;
  • Using this Site in any method that can, or may, damage this Site;
  • Using this Site in any purpose that may impact the user access of this Site;
  • Using this Site contrary to any applicable current laws and/or regulations, and/or in any method or way that may cause harm or damage to this Site, to a person, or to any business entity;
  • Using this Site to engage in data mining, extraction, harvesting, or any similar activities in accordance to the use of Site, or while using the Site;
  • Using this Site when engaging or promoting marketing or advertising of content not related to Watch Off the Charts;

Some areas on this Site are restricted to access by the User and Watch Off The Charts could further restrict any and all access by the User to any pages or areas of this Site during any time. Should you have passwords and user ID for this Site, you must keep the confidentiality of the information as we do make these confidential.

Your Content

In this Site’s Terms and Conditions document, “Your Content” will refer to the audio, image, video, video text, or any other material the User decides to display on this Site. With respect alluding to the Content You own, the User, which is you, will provide Watch Off The Chart a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable license to adapt, use, translate, publish, reproduce and distribute content to any other media.

The Content you publish must be owned by you and must not infringe any rights of third party content and copyright. Watch Off The Chart reserves the right to take away, delete, modify, or remove any of the Content you publish during any time, for any reason, without any notice.

No Warranty for Watchoffthecharts

The Site is provided and shown “as is,” including all faults, which means Watch Off The Chart makes no implied or express warranties or representations of any method, manner, or kind that is related to the Site or any materials contained within this Site. In addition, nothing in this Site is construed as a consultation or advice to you.

Liability Limitation

Watch Off The Chart, nor any of the Site’s directors, officers, employees, will not be held liable or responsible for any event that may happen to you with your usage of this Site. Watch Off The Charts and its directors, officers, and employees will not be held liable for any consequential, indirect, or unique liability that arises from your usage of this Site.

Indemnification of Watchoffthecharts

You abide by the terms by indemnifying Watch Off The Charts to the full extent of the law against and from all costs, liabilities, actions or cause of actions, demands, damages, and any expenses that can come out of any breach of the outlined provisions of the Terms and Conditions on this document.

Severing of Any Provision

If any of the provisions of the Terms is not applicable by any law, the invalidity of the provision will not render the whole provision of Terms invalid in its entirety, and the said provision shall be removed without causing an effect to the remaining provisions in this document.

Changing of Terms

Watch Off The Chart has the right to revise any provision within these Terms whenever we see fit, without further notice. If the revision takes place, you are responsible in reviewing the updated Terms and past understandings and agreements is invalid.


Watch Off The Chart is permitted to transfer, assign, and subcontract the obligations and rights under the Terms and Conditions in this document. Also, you are not allowed to transfer, assign, and subcontract the obligations and rights  given to you by the site under the Terms mentioned in the document.

Entire Agreement

The Terms on this document constitutes the whole agreement between Watch Off The Chart and you, including any disclaimers and legal notices included and contained in this Site, with accordance to your usage of this Site.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms on this document will be held accountable by and construed based on the current laws of United States of America, and you allow yourself to be submitted to non-jurisdiction as well as federal courts within in United States of America to resolve any dispute that may arise from any issues within the Site.