How to Promote Your Blog: 26 Proven Tactics for 2022

How to Promote Your Blog: 25 Unique and Highly Recommended Tips

Pre-Promotion Tasks

Most of these center around making your blog an enjoyable experience for visitors as they navigate your site. For example, making sure your pages load quickly and look just as good on desktop and mobile.

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1. Email Your List

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2. Add a Signature to Your Emails

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3. Redirect First-Time Commenters to a Thank You Page


SeedProd is the best drag and drop landing page builder for WordPress. It comes with a ton of templates to get you started and you can use pre-made landing page blocks to customize your page any way you want.

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4. Reach Your Non-Subscribers with Push Notifications

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With push notifications, you can send an alert to your regular readers about new blog posts or any other updates that you want them to know. Using an app like PushEngage, you can send notifications to a subscriber’s browser even if they’re not present on your website.

The 31 Best Places To Promote Your Blog For Free

1. Your Own Blog

free blog traffic guide - how to create round ups of your own content. The best places to promote your blog for free

2. Pinterest

Create The Perfect Pin In Minutes!

3. Email List

If you don’t know how to get subscribers to your blog, the easiest way to do that is with an opt-in form that offers a freebie related to your niche. If you want some great ideas on opt-ins that work, this free list of 250 ideas is awesome.

4. Instagram

Although you can’t really promote you new blog post on Instagram in the traditional sense, I think it makes sense to add a photo to your feed for each new post and point readers to your homepage URL in your bio.

If you have a regular homepage, it should show the most recent posts in a scroll, if you have a static homepage then you will need to direct them to a specific post or the “blog” section of your website.

5. Your Blog Facebook Page

6. Facebook Communities

One of the easiest ways to get eyes on your blog post is to join groups or pages in your niche. For example, a vegan food may offer the opportunity to post a link to your latest recipe or to help answer questions.

Many groups have a “Market Monday” or similar where you can directly promote your blog. However, the best way to get your name out there on Facebook groups is to be helpful, answer questions and become a source of great information before you self-promote.

7. Twitter

If you want to promote your blog posts on Twitter, make sure to promote the same post a few times as the half life of a tweet is very short. Change up the wording and hashtags to attract new readers.

8. Mix

9. Search Engines

10. Flipboard

Flipboard is an online article site that allows you to create magazines out of interesting things to read. I love it as a personal user and have found some success with getting traffic to my site.

To get started with Flipboard, you can create an account then choose the topics that interest you. Add related articles plus your own blog posts. You can create group magazines with other collaborators to share your content.

11. Facebook Groups for Bloggers

12. Tiktok

13. Reddit

Reddit users can be a bit harsh so be warned. It can be a good place to promote your blog casually but you must adhere to all the rules of the subreddits and also make sure not to be overly self-promoting as that is frowned upon.

14. Linkedin

It’s a good idea to create a professional Linkedin profile for your blog as some brand do use it when looking for influencers. You can also promote your new content using the Linkedin status updates.

15. Snapchat

Snapchat posts only last for 24 hours so while it is not worth spending a long time creating the perfect promo post, it can be a good place to throw a quick image and URL if you have time.

16. Niche Related Facebook Groups

It’s a good idea to join Facebook groups related to your blog content. For example, if you blog about Beekeeping, you can hunt out Facebook groups related to beekeeping and use them to get ideas of what your audience wants and potentially promote your own content. Make sure to check the rules of each group first.

17. Medium

18. Yahoo Answers

One way to use this to promote your blog is to do searches for questions related to your niche and then give great, useful answers and link back to a relevant blog post that has even more information.

19. Quora

Just create a profile then search for unanswered questions on the niche that you write about. You can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field with great, concise and helpful information.

20. Blog Comments (using Commentluv)

Every now and again I look at my Google Analytics referrals and see page views from a blog that I have commented on. Although other people’s blogs don’t strictly belong in a list of places to promote your blog, a pleasant side effect of making blog comments can be a little extra traffic.

I often comment on other blogs if I love their content or it is relevant to mine and I follow the blogger. Some blogs use a WordPress plugin called Commentluv that allows you to add your latest blog post to the end of your comment. It’s another way of promoting your content for free.

If you are wondering why someone would add Commentluv onto their site, it encourages comments on their blog which helps Google authority. It also can increase traffic as people search for Commentluv blogs to visit.

Very Important Note: I never ever add my URL to a blog comment unless the blogger has set up Commentluv which is essentially them saying, “hey, you can promote your blog here”.

How To Promote Your Blog For Free – Final Thoughts

If you have ever wanted to know how you can promote your blog for free, I hope this post has answered your question and given you lots of options for places where you can promote your blog without spending a penny!

Blogging tips for beginners! Increase your blog traffic with these 25 totally free places to promote your blog. These are great blog tips if you are starting a blog and want to get traffic fast. 25 Blog post sharing sites that you can submit your site for free and grow your audience. Increase your site traffic from social media and search engines with these awesome blogging tips and tricks

places to promote your blog for free
promote your blog for free

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Boost your SEO efforts

18. Get serious about your keyword research

SEO is the process of helping your content get found on Google. In order to do that, you’ll want to devise an SEO plan. As a first step, aim to rank high in search results for particular keywords, or short phrases commonly searched by Internet users you’re targeting. For example, ‘entrepreneur blogs’ or ‘moroccan lentil stew recipe.’

To know which phrases are best for you to target, you’ll want to perform adequate keyword research. There are some top keyword research tools we recommend, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. Once you’ve determined which phrases to use, sprinkle them throughout your content, from your paragraph text to your titles, descriptions and more – we’ll point you to a few places in the following tips.

19. Optimize your meta tags

When we refer to meta and title tags for your blog, it includes the descriptions, titles, and URL for the blog as a whole, and each of the pages, or blog posts within. This is what will appear in search engine results for your blog publication.

In order to optimize these components, put your keyword research to use. This is the top place to focus on implementing those short phrases. Do so by including your number one keyword choice in titles, descriptions, and URLs. You can customize your meta tags from directly within your Wix site’s dashboard and from within each individual blog post.