What Happened To Kim’s Burger King Chain?


In 2014, Kanye West reportedly bought then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King franchises across France, Italy, and the UK as a wedding present. A lot of people thought that was a pretty bizarre gift, but considering that Kim practically has everything she can possibly want (and more), the title “international businesswoman” that naturally came with the ownership was something she didn’t really have at the time. And this was admittedly a little more impressive than gold. On the other hand, possibly that was one of the points of Burger King marketing strategy to win an eternal battle against McDonald’s. Who knows?

Burger King

Kim Kardashian is known for her highly successful personal brand, driven mostly by the reality TV show that she and her entire family star in: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” According to an unnamed source, Kanye reportedly said that investing in the business and giving Kim this level of stability away from the camera is a preparation for the future; that is, for a life that’s far away from having cameras trained at them all the time. And with that, Kanye West became the poster child for the “ideal husband.” Forget about jewelry and trips to Europe; marry the one who gives you a successful burger chain in Europe and multiply it by ten.

And tie the knot they did, twice, at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy, and in Paris, France, in a wedding that reportedly came with a $12 million price tag. It sounds insane, but Kanye was definitely willing to shell out just to make his bride happy. Plus, they can afford it — and all of us spectators can only wish that we, too, become so wealthy and financially stable to confidently flash money at milestones like these.

More than all the glitz and glamour, Kanye’s investment that will have the couple and their kids set for life, and possibly for generations after, is something that we all applaud. So, now, we come to the question: what has happened to Kim Kardashian’s Burger King chain in Europe four years after?


Kim K’s European Burger King Chain

Scouring the web for more information on exactly which branches Kim owns across the continent didn’t turn up any results, although what we do know is that they are located in the UK, Italy, and France. Now, as an avid fans of the Burger King franchise, there is no doubt that these shops are likely still in operation and that business remains booming.

A quick look into the company’s financials: it recorded a $1.06 billion revenue in 2014, when the 10 chains were given to Kim, and then posted a $1.22 billion revenue in 2017. That statistic consists of numbers across the brand’s over 14,000 restaurants worldwide. It’s not a clear indicator of how Kim’s branches are faring, right? Here’s where it gets interesting.

While 50 percent of its branches are located in the US, the company lists Europe and the Middle East (EMEA) as its second largest contributor to sales. And given that the UK, France, and Italy are not some backwoods cities in the region, it’s safe to say that Kanye’s gift continues to be a very sound (and even growing) investment.

You all can say “not nice” things about Kanye (and some maybe even rightfully deserved), but you can deny that this guy is a business genius. If you continue to watch “KUWTK,” you also know that their marriage is A-OK and everything’s sunny where they are right now.


Kim, Kanye, and Chicken

Now, why all this discussion about the couple’s Burger King investments all of a sudden? The Internet kinda broke again (at least just a little bit) recently after Kim posted a cheat day meal on social media, which consisted of some gummy snacks, chocolate, and Popeye’s Chicken feast. The couple had just returned from Paris and ordered in for late night snack in Los Angeles before heading out to Teyana Taylor’s listening party for her new #KTSE album.

In the caption, she wrote “This Popeyes is exactly what I needed fresh off the plane,” and basically showed to her millions of followers that, hey, everybody loves chicken and binge eat sometimes. They might have gone from having a taste of all the luxury and excellent food that Paris has to offer, but nothing hits the spot just right as good old American Popeye’s fried chicken. Sometimes, all you really need is a taste of home.

Kim and Kanye both follow an uber-strict diet program and the fact that Kanye even allowed her indulge (even for just a night) just goes to show how awesome of a guy he is (at least as a husband). The rapper may be many things, but seeing how he is with Kim and their kids, nobody can take away the great husband and dad title from him. Strange gifts aside, if Kim likes them, then who are we to complain?