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Hello! Welcome to Watch Off The Charts, the blog about the most influential people! If you have any concerns, story suggestions, or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We would preferably like to hear about your encounters with influential people such as celebrities, athletes, scientists and politicians. Let us know if you’ve heard or experienced first-hand some rumors about them.

We cover stories of success and inspiration – stories that moved the world and catapulted normal everyday folks in the eye of the public. If you believe your story is one of them, our website is open and we might choose to feature you one of these days.

We are also open to hearing stories of celebrity encounters which can be good and bad. Tell us why you think your story needs to be shared to our audience.

However, we condone any false accusations regarding these influential people. Please refrain from making up stories to avoid any dispute regarding you, us, and third parties in the future. If you have any receipts or proof of said encounters or rumors, we would be more than happy to include them.

Of course, feel free to message us for any suggestions and comments regarding our site.